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151 Responses to Reading Testimonials

  • Thank you Shane for the Whole Story reading. It was interesting, enlightning and made a lot of sense. Im glad to have met you (so to speak)

  • Thank you Shane for the recently amazing reading. You are the best and on point. I recommended ?.

  • My last reading with Shane was the “Know Your Guides” reading. This one has to be my absolute favorite because I had always felt that there was a thing as Spirit Guides and such but always felt as though I was very far away from them. With Shane’s reading I was able to realize that they were not that far away after all. My heart jumped when I read about “Wally and “Francisco”, my Joy and Protector Guides. I realized then that I had always felt them and was just elated at the fact that Shane was confirming them and their existence. <3 And the things that they said… My heart is still filled with love. <3 I also learned about my other two guides which I wasn't terribly close to but I realized that they had been there all along too. Thank you once again Shane for lifting me up with your gift! <3

  • I have received a full story reading, which was amazing. Every time I have a reading from Shane they all point to the same direction, which is just what I need to hear to know I’m on the right path. Thank you very much xx

  • Shane Moran thank you for my reading. You were on point like always. I highly recommend you and you are the best.

    Thank you again!

  • When I heard and read a reading that Shane did for my friend, I decided to try it..I was a tad skeptical as my mentor the great John Holland had told me in a class we shared that I could only be read by a psychic medium, as I always questioned why the people who “read me” never quite got me..So, I proceeded to order my whole story reading for Shane, and I can tell you she was “spot on” on most everything..It was an amazing reading, and I can tell you, don’t sit on the fence if you are considering ordering a reading from her..First of all, her rates are reasonable, and secondly, she takes the time to read and explain the situations you are asking about..She replied within minutes of my requesting a reading, and the reading was done in a few hours..The service is excellent, she is knowledgeable, and I intend to order a few more readings as time goes on..I trust her to give all readings her undivided attention..Thank you Shane..

  • Thank you Shane for the relationship reading! It has put my heart at ease!

  • Thank you so very much for the reading you did for me! It definitely gave me a lot to think about and a lot of it was spot on πŸ™‚
    Thank you as always.

  • I received a “your whole story” reading from Shane yesterday and it was spot on. As always Shane was able to give me meaningful information that I could relate back to current situations in my life.

  • Thank you Shane soo much for the reading. It was amazing and I highly recommend.

  • I am one that isn’t very lucky; but tonight I won a whole life reading by Shane. All I can say is wow! I got chills, tearful (both happy and sad), and hopeful reading it. It was so spot on with everything! I can’t thank you enough for this. She was able to see my fears, desires and things that I’ve been thinking about without asking me one question. She is absolutely amazing and I would recommend her a million times over! Thank you again! ❀

  • This morning I contacted Shane for a sort of emergency Etheric Cord Cutting. I won’t go into too much detail about my situation with the person whom I wanted to be cut from but basically I had grown waaaay too attached to this person. So much so that I had been stuck in a horrible mindset and feeling which this morning culminated in a horrible pit in my stomach. I had had enough. I contacted Shane and within minutes I felt so much better. Aside from the obvious feeling of peace and that pit in my stomach gone I also felt some slight numbness and tingling in my arms. I like to think that was all the pressure I had let wind up finally being released. I found I still think of this person(I wasn’t expecting to not think of them anymore) but my head is sooo much clearer and I can actually see the entire situation and myself with much more understanding and less turmoil. Thank you Shane for helping me once again! <3

  • I recently received a medium session with Shane and all I can say is WOW! I have waited for YEARS for a certain person to come through. Shane was able to connect this loved (and dearly missed) person. The validation that came through was this person to a T and they were things that I would know. πŸ™‚ Shane made it so easy and comfortable to work through this. Her patience while I took time to think about things was deeply appreciate. There were moments where I had to choke back tears (I happened to be surrounded by people at the time.) At the end of the session my heart was so happy and I was totally blown away by the experience. I was on cloud 9 for days knowing that this loved one was happy and with me when I wished and hoped they were.
    Thank you Shane. You are truly a blessing. <3

  • I have had several readings with Shane, and I find each one to be exactly what Spirit needed me to hear, even if it wasn’t always what I wanted to hear, lol. My most recent reading was a mediumship reading. Oh my! There was no way Shane could have known the things she was shown. Very, very accurate, informative and comforting. I highly recommend her if you are “stuck”, looking for answers or just need a little guidance, or to hear from a loved one that has passed on. Blessings! ❀❀❀

  • I recently got a medium session done by Basic Energy. The awesome part about it was that my grandmother contact them I did not request one. I just put down the names of my grandparents that had passed and my grandmother came through. She validated things that I kinda knew but needed reassurance. Also made me feel that they are always with me and supporting me with the choices I make. We recently adopted a little boy and for my grandmother to let me know she watches over him and accepts him makes me feel good.
    I love getting reading from Basic Energy Readings she goes above and beyond just the reading. Highly recommend it. ❀️❀️?

  • I had a great native american ancestor reading from Shane the other day. I have felt like I am going with the flow more than I was before taking things as they come. Also I have been told by several others that I have a poodle that is one of my guides. I have started to meditate a lot more and am getting a lot more guidance than I was before. Thank you so much Shane. You are always spot on with my readings!

  • Received a 4 card native ancestor reading. Didnt know what to expect. After reading it all i can see the ancestral style of guidance. Different from what ive experienced before but insightful at the same time. Very happy

  • Oh my goodness! Just had my third reading with Shane. She is so spot on! Every reading is a blessing, and oh so informative. Ever since my first reading, I feel I’m growing more and more closer to Spirit and I definitely am more sure of my decisions. I would recommend her to anyone. Shane, you are a true blessing, and again , thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts. ❀

  • I had a “Your Whole Story” reading, which is quite long, and EACH card was spot on. I felt like Shane knew me my whole life (and then some). She spoke of things that were only in my head and never spoken before. She spoke of things I already knew in my heart but did not believe. It blows my mind how someone I have never met or actually spoken to can tap into my energy and give me guidance. This reading has “flipped a switch”and changed my way of seeing things. I will be going back for more without hesitation!

  • I have had a few readings with Shane over a period of a few years, everyone has been just spot on!
    Really insightful, super interesting and they always resonate with me on many levels.
    I highly recommend “Basic Energy Readings” and I’m sure I will be back to have different readings when I feel they are needed.
    Thank you Shane ✨

  • This was my second reading with Shane. I was not disappointed! I highly recommend her to anyone that is feeling stuck, or wondering if they are on the right path. Thank you Shane!!!❀

  • I have had three readings with Shane and they were awesome! So much clarity and truth and She gives the readings so quickly after you order them. I know what needs to be done and what to be prepared for and I am thankful for that. Shane really gets to the heart of the matter and that is such a gift. Hugs, Michelle πŸ™‚

  • I just got Native Ancestor reading, which I found to be very accurate, guiding.
    Shane also confirmed which kind of changes I need to do to get myself better as I have been struggled for long time.
    I absolutely love the message. Thank you for your guidance and showing me a direction on my path.

  • I had a pendulum reading. Shane was very quick to respond to my question! As to how accurate, I will have to wait and see. I was very impressed at how quickly Shane got back to me, and I will defininetly be using her services again in the future! Thanks so much!

  • Shane is spot on! The reading gave me the answers I needed! Blessings!!

  • Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! Just had a past life reading done. Holy nuts!!!! Just an example…one past life was Celtic…my favourite show on Netflix is Merlin… And everytime I watch it somehow I believe I can do magic. It all seems so very possible to me.
    Another one was Asia- I have a Japanese tattoo on my leg, I have Chinese symbols on my reiki floor.
    Another was Medicine man/woman- I am a reiki practitioner passionate about helping people heal, I use crystals and essential oils. I working on auras at present and read cards. WOW!!!!

  • Hi Shane
    Thank you so much for the Angels reading
    I found it very interesting & I can relate to some of it and look forward to seeing what’
    Is in store for me .
    Again thank you

  • Hi Shane

    Thank you so much for my first full reading, found it very interesting and I did shed a tear, thank you. I think also that I have a slight crush on Archangel Michael :). You have given me much to think about and get on with.

    Thanks and much love


  • Thank you so much!

    We truly loved our readings! (Even though my husband wasn’t expecting one…you were right! The message he received was crystal clear and much needed.) It was so sweet of you to do my Reading even after I made an error. It was much appreciated and very much needed. Thank you again!

    You’re gift is a blessing and so are you! You’ll hear from me(maybe us!) again! πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Shane! Shane is a lovely person and that drew me to having a reading from her about a topic I am a little nervous of. I had a love and romance reading and have just read it and re-read it a few times, all makes sense and gives me good insight. I am very happy with the reading and can recommend Shane, she is fantastic.

  • Great reading! First time I have ever received a reading. So very accurate, about 90% of the reading was me to a T!
    Has given me a lot to think about. Thank you xxx

  • Just finished an Angels reading, and WOW!!!! Shane your gift is amazing, giving me such clarity and confirmation to my question. Haviing this reading has brought such fire and excitement for me.

    Thank you so much Shane

  • Just finished reading and ‘re reading my Medicine Wheel Session I am fascinated by the amount of information included and the depth of detail. What is interesting me the most is I had one of the readings quite a while ago and some bits are the same ‘re movement which makes me smile because of my circumstances. But how other parts have changed because of how my life is changing . It has given me a real boost to know that I have my spirit guides at hand, that life is not always going to be an uphill battle . It gave me a boost and it took me ages to read very long

  • Thank you for the amazing reading and providing such insight into where my life is at right now. It has resonated with me on a multitude of levels and has given me much to think about. There was so much that absolutely explained what I have been doing and how I need to change this in order to move forward. I have taken all of this information into me and will keep it with me as I move towards the future with renewed faith. Thank you very much for this gift.

  • I am beyond delighted to have received a Triune Session read from Shane, wow what insight! And exactly the message that I needed to hear and see in front of me! I tend to connect everything to a higher sense… And am needing to ground myself back down… Real world duties for me now are on a smaller scale… Sometimes Its not about the “big picture”… Sometimes it’s the little things we tend to ignore and think are not important, but they are very important! Thank you Shane for bringing clarity to me, I’m going to spend some time dialing down and getting my inner space in order… On all levels… I’m Keeping it real I’m telling myself haha!! Thank you for sharing your special gift with the world ? I love you to pieces! You are a unique divine individual with many talents, thank you!! Blessings!!

  • Shane I have received my life purpose and affirmations reading and have to say I am very impressed . I have been very drawn to crystals and own quite a few , I do reiki healing and have tried working with both together now I know I’m doing the right thing . You said to work with animals and I have been thinking of doing healing on animals as I already do it on my own dog and have seen results . Art haha I’m not very good at it but I have made some jewelry and have been making some other art stuff like candle holders and am enjoying it . I would love to be able to leave my boring job to do something more fulfilling and actually enjoy going to work . I’m so grateful for my reading and feel I’m on my way to finally doing things that make my soul sing . Thank you so much . Love and light to you your amazing xxx

  • I was selected to received the spread the elements reading, and feel so blessed & fortunate to have received the reading. I can relate to certain cards, very easily & get an understanding of what they mean in my life. I realize that I need to let some thins go & not be so afraid. I need to trust the process, some of the cards I need to think more deeply and figure out how they relate to my life. Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate the reading and am still in deep thought as I read them over & over!! Blessings!.. Thank you!

  • Ask your Angels ~ ok so maybe the answer was not quite what I would have liked but it’s honest and that is what I like. I know when I have any reading from Shane I will not be pandered to or given just a glossed over answer, it’s as it is.
    Have to admit would be nice to be told yes now is the time but it’s as it is, and knowing that I haven’t completely gone wrong is good. Just that little guidance helps and I am grateful as ever ..

  • I’m not entirely sure which reading is my favorite now. I had the Medicine Wheel Session this weekend and I absolutely loved it! This reading gives you a real clear cut guidance in life. I’m very glad I got this reading done. Its very long and insightful and you just can’t go wrong with getting this reading done! The most helpful thing I’ve ever had in life! I’m more at ease now knowing just which way to go and how! Thank you Shane! <3!!!

  • Two more amazing readings for me! πŸ™‚ I had the “Your whole Story” and “Love and Romance” sessions done. The first I loved because it gave me insight as to why I do certain things or why certain things affect me. (I don’t need to tell you that you were right Shane. Lol But the whole getting immensely upset with rumors and the self denial does happen! Spot on!) The best part is now that I know these things I can do something about it! πŸ™‚ The second reading of course warmed my heart. <3 (Sorry I bother you so much with my love life Shane. Lol Especially when I already kinda know the answers. Haha And I will pay extra attention to card #2!) Shane's gift is without a doubt real and I can't wait for my next reading! πŸ˜‰

  • WOW!!!! What an amazing reading!!! I can’t thank you enough!!! I’ve never done this before but felt drawn to. Everything made sense, felt like it really spoke to ME!! Thank You for giving me the clarity I needed!! You are truly blessed at what you do!!!?

  • I just wanna thank you for the great pendulum reading that you gaved me.
    It`s good to hear the answers from others too when one is unsure.
    It really helped me to understand more. Thank you again. <3 Hilde xxxx

  • I appreciate that I was selected and won a 6 card spread reading ?
    Every section I read, was right and how I’ve been feeling. Now I know where to start in helping myself. Thank you!

  • thankyou so much for my reading which was spot on with everything !! I now understand why I’ve been feeling like I have ?

  • Thank you so much for my reading, it was great to be selected! This is my third reading from you now, and all have been amazing. It was very insightful and has helped me in many ways! Thank you

  • I am in absolute shock at the moment , I have just received a Life Purpose & Affirmations reading and I sat up straight, is my PC being bugged , who’s watching me?
    Spirit of course,
    Shane you are as ever spot on with every single point made , yes I am listening and am already re educating myself with three diplomas at distinction , three more to go. So yes spirit gave you a perfect card and message. As for creative yes yes and oh boy yes there is so much there for me and aha the past has a noose that holds me tight . I will take your words to heart as no one can see into my heart and write the words you sent me without a perfect link to our spirit friends. I cannot thank you enough for my reading , for the clarity of words, for being someone who can connect and translate and bring comfort and understanding and a ray of hope . Thank you so much

  • Thank you so much for the Romance Reading. I definitely needed the guidance and information you gave me. There were lots of things that ring true for me and some have yet to be seen. Looking forward to seeing how everything plays out. Thanks again!!

  • Thanks for the reading.. Every thing that you told me in my reading was spot on its exactly how I feel at the moment .

  • I just checked my email to receive my first pendulum reading and immediately I cried. Its not the first time Shane has made me cry either! LOL Nothing short of amazing! So thankful for the help and guidance! <3

  • This is my first reading from Shane, I am thoroughly surprised at her accurate reading of me, done via e-mail. I am excited to look forward now into my life. She has given me a more positive look at my life and health issues. Thank-you so much Shane and i am looking forward to laughing more again and trying to keep the stress down. I appreciate very much this free reading from you. Looking forward to many more. God Bless! Sue D

  • I was blessed to have a special reading from Shane May 17th!! I have to say WOW it was so accurate and dead on πŸ™‚ Thank you Shane, this has helped me understand so much which is presently happening in my life right now. I am dealing with a lot lately and have been very confused, lost at times… questioning my actions but I know it will be all coming together soon, real soon!! Thank you again for this amazing gift πŸ™‚

  • What can I say, I have had a few readings from Shane and they have all resonated with me beyond belief! I have felt a profound sense of trust and guidence from Shane’s words and highly recommend these readings! Thank you again x

  • Ask Your Guides – Firstly thank you as this was again “when I needed you” moment. . It never fails to surprise me how when I read your message to me how stunned I am and I should be used to it . Yesterday I read and thought I know all about it and I am at a loss but I am pleased that my predicament has been noted, and I shall sit back and watch . Life is never easy but with just a few words from Basic Readings it does help put things in perspective and knowing I am going through life with spirit close by makes a world of difference to me

  • just got a pendulum reading done. 10 quick yes or no questions. For anyone who has lots of questions that they want to ask and don’t really need any further explanation I recommend it. The questions I asked were ones boring into me and it helped to ask them. Love getting reading done from basic energy readings. Let’s my mind at easy.

  • I won the free reading and have to say.. I was in tears.. it was so on target. So many things to work on. So many things to open up to. This is not the first reading Shane has done for me.. Every single one has been absolutely amazing!
    Thank you to the moon Shane!

  • Just got a reading done and wow was it spot on. It was amazing and I can’t wait to learn more about myself. Great and I recommend it to anyone.

  • I just got my past life reading and OH MY GOSH! I don’t think I can properly portray how much this explained in my life right now! Shane pin pointed my current growth as well as answered a long held question I’ve had about my own spirituality. Just recently, I had asked for clarity on why my spirituality is so uncertain to me. Why I can’t seem to just see it for what it is, and feel comfortable with it. My past reading definitely without ANY doubt explained why I am so fearful of this side of myself. With this knowledge, I should be able to put my fears behind me, and start to allow myself to grow spiritually! Thank you so much once again for an amazing reading!

  • Thank you so much Shane for my wonderful reading. Your insights were incredibly comforting and accurate. I really enjoyed your reading style and found all of your comments to be really helpful and supportive. You clearly are a clear channel for spirit and are a lovely, kind and genuine person. You went above and beyond for me and I really appreciated it. Thank you.

  • I just received a Return of Spirit reading from Shane and it was very comforting and rewarding. I have been feeling very lost about my direction in life and the cards that came up were to the point and spot on! Because things are changing personally, having to move house and put my into a new school, I have been anxious about moving out of my comfort zone and the Faith card that came up reassured me that all this is part of the greater plan. Everything that was advised, to start getting out more and to write was what I knew I should be doing but was holding back so it was very reassuring to know that my intuition is right and that I should trust it. Thank you very much, Shane, it was lovely of you to do this reading for me. I really appreciate it! All the very best in the New Year for you! πŸ™‚ xxx

  • From the bottom of my Heart Thank You for your amazing reading!!! Which was free I thank you for your generosity πŸ™‚ It answered the questions I had!! I just love reading your posts! Seems they always come at a right time!!
    You are an inspiration… Thank You and God Bless You πŸ™‚

  • Thank you so much for my reading , I has questions running through my head and they were answered , not just answered but certain key words were used “safe” that was something I needed to hear and as I had not asked or mentioned it , to be told it was so reassuring for me. I can rest easier now and start to trust in myself , for all the question in my head were answered , without being voice…. Many ,many thanks

  • A couple weeks ago I received my free reading and was thoroughly impressed. I was astounded that not only was I being told things that I already knew but that they were being told and confirmed by a total stranger miles and miles away! (Shane I want to thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart! And apologize for having taken so long in leaving a testimonial.) I without a doubt would contact Shane for further readings. If you were to have ever been a skeptic as I was for a bit, receiving a reading from Shane will make you change your mind. I recommend anyone get a reading to either know or confirm anything! I’m glad that I did! πŸ™‚ For if I hadn’t gotten my reading I would still be doubting my intuition! Thanks once again to Shane! πŸ™‚

  • Firstly I would like to thank you for my reading.
    You mention about counceling…well I feel this sits well with me It’s like it comes naturally when I’m offering advice I’m no good at listening to my own but I really enjoy helping others regarding this an I also have thought about going into this as a career but not sure the best way but it’s funny this is mentioned as I haven’t thought about this for so long. So maybe I might look into it again.
    Also Regarding my job I feel I want an yearn for that change but again I feel I dont know how to go about it an by working an talking with the angels to help guide me through this its something I knew would show itself at some point I know what I’d like to do just not sure at this which one but by looking into each one I’m sure I will know what I’m meant to do.
    I feel so drawn to crystals an there’s a shop in town which I found with loads of crystals an I feel like I just don’t know which one to go for as I don’t know meanings but I went in there an the feelings magical but thinking about it there’s two I feel mostly drawn to I think it’s rose quartz of that’s right an there’s a lovely green one which I know I will definitely look up when I’m finished writing this.
    Regarding healing with my hands I was told this once an I just laughed it off an gave it no more thought but now I’m starting to wonder an wonder if there’s a way I can Try this out as I’m intrigued now. I’m going to re read my reading again as it will help push me more to really find my purpose in my role an what I feel I should be doing.
    I thank you kindly for my reading πŸ™‚
    Kind regards ceri

  • Thank you for the reading. I can relate to the issues brought up. My emotions do feel unbalanced and hence the need for healing as indicated.

  • I was lucky enough to win a free reading from Shane and let me tell you, this lady is spot on! She never fails to hit the nail on the head. She has a very special gift that she generously shares with the world. I was very unsure and down about my situation, but after the insight I received I am much more hopeful. Thank you Shane for giving me back my peace of mind!!

  • I just got my free reading. Had to read it twice because it was so accurate. I have lots to change and lots to think about. For a general reading it was awesome. Highly recommend getting yours as soon as you can.

  • Thank you for the free reading. It def gave me insight of my current thoughts and patterns. Was pretty accurate πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for so accurate reading.
    It literary describes my life and situation right now and Authority card is about telling me what I should refine as I would work as security guard.

  • Thank u for my reading was very gud! X

  • I just got a Life Purpose reading and it was amazing. You hit on every one of my passions. My passion for the arts, working with children, helping others and fighting for human/animal/environmental rights. Also my ability to reach people with words. It’s always astonishing to meet strangers who want to share their life struggles with me but if bringing healing with my words and counsel is possible than I’m truly grateful for that ability/gift. Your words were truly reassuring. Thank you so much for this gift, I will use it as a guide and reminder as I continue to practice and follow my life purpose. Namaste <3

  • This reading was incredibly accurate. Specifically, Shane commented on the fact that I have lower back pain which I have suffered from for many years and have had surgery for. Shane also commented on new beginnings and leaving your past behind and in just a few short weeks I will be getting married to the love of my life. I am still in awe of this reading! Thank you Shane!

  • I am so happy with what I read in my reading. Deff a sure sign I am on the path i need to be.
    thank you so much!!!!

    I will deff be looking into more readings!!

  • It was nice to get the reading promptly . It’s kind of my first time so it was nice .

  • I am beyond impressed with the fast reply and the readings I received! Just what I needed to hear and really clarified some things for me! I feel a lot better now and just need to follow my intuition πŸ™‚
    Thank you!! I will be recommending you to people as well πŸ™‚

  • It was pretty amazing reading through both readings that you sent me. There were things in there that I knew and things that were surprising and gave me a lot to think about. It has definitely affirmed the path I am going down right now which is what I needed.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much Shane for the reading, you confirmed things I already knew and things I didn’t know. This makes it helpful for me to pay more attention to the things I wasn’t aware of and took for granted.. It always seems to be the little things in life that we miss and don’t pay attention to that mean the most.. Thanks again and looking forward to meeting you in person one day..

  • This is one of many readings I have had from Shane. I keep going back because she is amazing and always leaves me with something to think about. (Usually because it hasn’t happened yet!) I love that she does the reading through email. It makes it so easy and much more private! Thank you Shane! You rock!

  • This was my first official reading from Shane.. and I am puddling!! Spot on! in everything she read! She really made sense of the chaos I could not.. Just almost speechless!
    Protection for my 2 sons that are not with me (one in the NAVY one with his father for summer)
    Mother issues are purely me not thinking I am a good enough one and
    relationship.. just fantastic..
    Thank you so much Shane!

  • This reading was amazing and truly accurate. Two things in particular were the absolute truth. I am so happy to have received this reading and it will help me to make some necessary decisions I have been putting off. I am so grateful to have received this insight.

  • As always Shane’s reading was helpful and insightful. If you are curious about a reading this is the place to come. The open and honest readings are straight forward and always spot on!

    Again thank you!

  • Thank you shane thank you for my reading the first part is spot on as i have just got my first granddaughter who is 2 weeks old. I will act upon the rest thanks again

  • Thank you Shane that was a beautiful reading that gives me a powerfull boost!! πŸ˜€ big hugs,


  • Thank you Shane, your reading will help me continue to strive for my goals throughout the year πŸ™‚

  • The basic reading was on point thanks for the clarity

  • Thank you Shane for the reading! I really appreciate you taking the time for doing so! It will help me a lot in my present and present situation, have many projects on the go and sometimes we need someone to help us see what is holding us back and what we need to do to move forward!!! Thank you Shane and have a wonderful day!! Jo

  • again, i’m ever so grateful for the reading. it was helpful and provided me with guidance that i needed. i experience shane’s as someone who genuinely cares about her clients and who can provide helpful information! thank you shane!

  • Hello replying 2 say thank u 4 the Reading im feeling heaps better than what i did b4 thank u Shane

  • Shane did the Angels of Atlantis reading for me. What she told me gave me a real feeling of peace. The personalized chants/mantras are nice, I’ve just tried one and can’t wait to try the others. Thank you Shane

  • Shane provided amazing prompt service and accuracy. The reading was spot on to my journey of self discovery. With confirmation that I am on the right track and success will be enjoyed. I thank you for sharing your gift and insight.

  • My basic reading was spot on! I highly recommend!!! I will check into additional readings πŸ™‚

  • Thank you Shane for my reading. You answered my email request so fast, which was wonderful as I was really anticipating finding out what you would say. Your reading gave me a lot to think about and I refer back to it every few days and re-read it. Thanks again!

  • Thank you so much for your time and guidance. I hope to donate or purchase another report soon thank you again.

  • I am so grateful to have received a reading from Shane today, many thanks! You hit a point that I have been struggling with and confirmed I am open and connected! Spot on! Now I just need to start trusting myself. You amaze me, hugs!

  • I highly recommend shane for any and all reading =) now i must ponder it was alot to take in. Again thank you shane. Namaste!

  • I had an Archangel card reading, and not only did it leave me with the answers I needed, it provided me with much comfort, and insight into questions I didn’t know that I had. I highly recommend you get Shane to do a reading for you!

  • Oh my goodness unbelievable accurate reading. Thank you for the message just what I needed to hear . The cards answered my questions to a tee. If anyone wants a true question answered ask you it’s amazing how quickly you replied… I will definitely talk to you in the very near future.

  • Shane everything in this reading is SO ACCURATE and a perfect reflection of my current life. There actually are 2 settlements pending , so I hope card #2 is an indicator of both
    :0), OH and I am the Libra involved here ! I am also trying to detach myself from drama ( Card #1) since I am FULLY AWARE if how it drains my energy un necessarily. I have also been making a conscious effort to respond positively in most all situations. #3 I will potentially be considering a career change as well. I have also had a FEW ( at min) personal projects going on as well, all at the same time that are geared toward future financial security. It has been a VERY ROUGH 4 months, but all of the loose ends seem to be coming together! :0)
    #4-Pretty sure the loss you speak of was/is a job loss. I was definitely treated unfairly. I’ve had not so much Regret, but anger at the people who were involved. I’ve simply put things into motion to correct the wrong & have turned it over to someone else to handle for me. You’re correct that this anger doesn’t , & never has served me well. Therefore I will deal with those pending issues as they unfold, & have changed my focus to get on with living my life & striking out on a different path (work wise) if necessary.
    #5-WHEW!!! BIG SIGH OF RELIEF !!! LOL!!!
    #6-Things overall ARE going the way I wanted where the 3 personal projects are concerned. I’ve made TREMENDOUS headway in the past 4 months to create future security. My primary focus now is to become re employed so knowing a new success is coming is comforting to know. For healing I mainly pray & meditate. Only sending out good thoughts & wishes for everyone who surrounds me & helping others where & when I can.


  • Shane thank you so much for my 2014 reading. Was exactly what I needed, it gives me insight as to where I am headed and I can say that I am looking forward to what my future holds. You have an amazing gift πŸ™‚ Thank you thank you thank you! for all that you do.

  • I am Amazed! I’m still not sure how I found Shane – somehow on my new Kindle – I’m pushing buttons and a window pops up for a one time free reading – I had no idea what it was about – I gave her only my name and when she sent my reading to me it was very precise to my life at this moment – right down to the sore left knee! She has to be truly gifted as she knew/knows nothing about me and was scarily Accurate with the reading – Wow’za! Thank you Shane


  • Just received my 2014 reading and I am so excited for what’s to come. Thanks Shane!

  • Don’t even know how I found this site, but glad I did. Amazingly perceptual, on target and helpful. No scam here, just a gifted individual shining her light for the betterment of others.

  • Shane did a Dream Interpretation reading for me. Her insight with my dream was truly accurate and gave me more to think about and consider regarding my life.

    I suggest if you have a dream that needs some understanding to allow Shane to do a Dream Interpretation reading for you!!


  • Thank you again for the guidance. Now I don’t feel quite so freaked out about where my life is going. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks shane for ur message a will looks out for some things that u mentioned was so hearwarming thanx x

  • Thank you again Shane for a helpful reading. I will definitely follow the advice you gave & will hopefully improve my own abilities. I know I will definitely get other readings from you again.

    Have a great day & Thank you!


  • My reading from Shane was extraordinary! There were a lot of points that were dead on, and that was just from a general reading. I can’t wait to get my next reading! Thank you so so much!!

  • Thank you for my reading. The general reading was accurate for something that was happened in my life recently. I’ll follow your advice to reach my goal.

  • Thank you so much for my reading. It was very informative & followed along other readings I’ve had recently.

    Thank you again & God bless


  • The general reading by Shane was fairly accurate in what is currently going on in my life.
    She hit on some poignant points that I am currently experiencing.

    Thank you for this free reading.



  • Thanks so much for my reading was unreal how correct that was thanks alot

  • Hi there just received my free reading and it was spot on for my life atm thanks so much x

  • Thank u so much for my free reading were spot on with what u said.some of this I knew and having u confirm it was I will take what u said and try to do it all lol thanx again xx

  • Thank you Shane for your very accurate free reading. You have brought to the forefront feelings I have kept buried now I know I must deal with things if I’m going to move forward in life.
    Work life is stressful and I need patience with both the children I teach and the staff around me but now I see I should step back and not be so much on the defensive thanks to the cards you have shown me. There was a lot of information in the reading I need to still internalise but I’m so very happy I found your website and I look forward to a full paid reading from you in the future.

  • The general reading by Shane was spot on. She identified when periods of uncertainty that I am living through began and gave me predictions on when I would find answers. Furthermore, her advice on the chakras I need to cleanse is true because I have felt the need to do it even before her reading. There are a few things that I don’t completely understand yet, but I am sure that they will become clearer with time. The reading is greatly appreciated!

  • Such a wonderful reading i found it amazing that even myself was able to pick up that my throat chakra has been blocked.. it was very helpful and greatly appreciated thank you very much

  • I just got done reading over the general reading, and I must say you were spot on about Card 4, Trapped in my own fear. Card 2 was also on point, as I haven’t moved on from certain things in the past, and it’s time to move on. I recommend to everyone to give a try at their own reading!

  • Thanks so much for my reading Shane. Everything that you have told me made perfect sense. I have overcome and have learned a lot and am now pursuing my new career path of helping others by becoming a psychiatrist who helps children in trauma. You are right…my psychic abilities have been growing quite rapidly and feel connected at all times. This reading could not have come at a better time as I needed a lift and your reading helped me get that…thank you. I hope you are well. Kari

  • Your reading has gave me hope and was spot on thank you for takeing time and doing it x

  • Thank You for the free reading. I found it very insightful and uplifting. I have some work to do on my inner self. I am looking forward to the future for the first time in a long time! This reading has helped me to open my eyes and see what is going on around me. Thank you for taking the time to assist! Love and Light!

  • Shane,
    Thank you for the free reading. It was accurate and insightful. I appreciate the time you took to do the reading for me.

  • thanks for the free reading Shane you knew so much i will be coming back for more readings thank you very x

  • Shane was right on the money. I was in fact healing very regularly this summer, and have experienced blockages lately. Your reading has helped quite a bit with figuring out what is going on with me. Thank you, I look forward to ordering a full reading in the future.

  • Thank you for the reading. It was accurate and has given me a lot of insight about myself which I can use for my personal growth. Thank you, Shane. Would like a full reading from you soon.

  • I had a reading from Shane and she got me. My conection to music was right on. I grew up listen to music. My dad always listened to 50’s 60’s rock and roll and I always have music playing one way or another. My conection with children. For some reason children and animals gravitate to me. I am not sure why but they do. Shane was the second person to tell me to write a book. I am thinking I should. Go into my imagination and write something. Shane you did an amazing job for me and I thank you very much.

  • I was very pleased with my free reading. It was dead on with everything, Im looking forward to setting something up with shane in the near future for a full read πŸ™‚

  • I have followed your page to get a feel for you when I was blessed with a one card reading. Felt good about you so I came back to get a full reading as I have come to trust in your gift. Ever since my reading I have been at peace. You gave me messages that were very much needed and My worries have been laid to rest. Thank you for being real. I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with you.

  • Thanks for my whole life story I am super excited for my future and my personal journey and growth. I now have purpose it seems. I do see a perfect 3 in the sky referencing clouds card # 2 ~ my soul destiny. You are so awesome in what you do. ~I appreciate the experience with you Shane πŸ™‚

  • Thank you for the reading. I really look forward to do more with you. It was a fast friendly and was a really enlightening experience. This has been my first experience and wont be my last thanks again~ Marion πŸ™‚

  • this is the first time i have had a reading done and she knew so much i will be coming back for more readings thank you very much

  • Shane. Thank you for the life purpose reading. The reading has helped with the guidance I’ve been looking for. I’ve felt that what you said has come to me before in my thoughts and again now in your reading. I can see that the spirits are telling me something. Everyone check this out but remember some thing’s may not play out till down the road. Keep your mind open and live in awareness. :-). Love and light to you all. Rob

  • Shane’s reading for me really helped me to understand what I was going through and gave me perspective, validation, and encouragement. I feel that her reading was very accurate and empowering. Thank you!

  • I have received a mini reading and a full reading as a gift! The information given to me had connections I could identify with and much info to digest. I am intrigued and consumed by what I have read. Thanks Shane

  • I didn’t really believe fully in the abilities of a psychic. I thought, hey, she might give me some vague things that are true in most cases, make a few reasonable guesses and be done with it. I did the mini-reading, and I was blown away. It was spot on with exactly what I was feeling over the last two days, and hit at a problem I was in denial about. I am shocked. All I did was provide name, birthdate and state that I lived in. There was no way anyone could figure the things that she said out from the information I gave. Thank you!

  • Your path of the soul destiny reading was so spot-on with things I have been working on and going through. It was very enlightening to read and helped me feel more confidence in myself and have more hope for the future and more of an idea on what I need to be working on and doing. Thank you so much. <3

  • My reading was really helpful and thoughtful. It helped relieve and inspire me.

    Also, I do want to note that I actually have been having a lot of lower back pain. I’m not sure if this is related to my last job or my recent miscarriage, but on certain days, my back is just killing me.

    Thank you so much for the reading. It was truly kind of you to offer these free readings and I really needed some spiritual guidance lately. I truly appreciate it.

  • Shane Thank You for the reading. I’ve had major life change issues to arise in the past month or so. Shane’s insight into these problems has
    helped to clarify those issues, help me see what is unworkable even though I wish that weren’t true. But Shane is honest, and helped me to
    get myself and my concentration back on the track that it needs to be on to move forward in my life.

  • Thank you for the reading. It was very accurate and in line with the changes I am facing in my life right now. In terms of the psychic awareness, thank you again…this means a lot to me and I will take your kind advice.

    Highly recommended! πŸ™‚

  • I’m weird mix of optimist and skeptic. My wife had asked for a reading first and then posted it on her Facebook. I thought, “I’ll give it a try and have a laugh.” I got the reading back and was overwhelmed. I felt very positive about the messages that were delivered – good and bad. When she pointed out the pain in my left knee, I freaked. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone. My wife didn’t even know about it.

    Highly recommended and will be paying for a reading!

  • I really appreciated all the information I received from basic energy readings. It really was spot on with exactly what had been on my mind..Now I know I’m not crazy for thinking the way I did towards a certain situation. Thank you!

  • Dear Shane,

    Thank you for your reading. Your reading was truly a “cold” one, since I didn’t ask you any questions or provide information about current life events. I was amazed by the accuracy of the “jumped” card. The other card gave me hope for the future and let me know my efforts and patience are worth it. Thanks again, and thank you for sharing your gift!


  • Thank you Shane!

    This was very accurate and interesting, I feel that this has helped me figure out what I need to do!

    Thanks again!


  • Thank you Shane πŸ™‚
    The first card brings home too bitter a situation. I cant marry a guy because we’re from different religious/ethnic backgrounds. Pakistan for you.

  • Thank you so much! This seems incredibly accurate, and has helped me immensely.

  • thanks so much for my free reading very interesting indeed and well needed at this time…thanks again.

  • thank you again shane for the wonderful awsome reading that you did for me. i now know stuff that i had no idea about from my former life.the reading has been right so far.excellent job.thank you again shane.

  • Dear shane,thank you so much for your reading,was amazed how bang on your reading was really!!!! it really got me thinking.You are truly a gifted women,look forward to getting more.I cant thank you enough .

  • Dear Shane, what a truly beautiful gift you have and what a truly beautiful soul you are to share that gift to assist others to find their true light & meaning or in may case to assist in reconfirming to me what my heart already knows.
    Your reading for me was absolutely profound and came at just the perfect time – as they always do.
    I can’t thank you enough or the friend that pointed me in your direction – it was obviously the right direction for me πŸ™‚
    Love and light to you always xxx
    Luana Abbott

  • Thank you again Shane for sharing your insite with me. It has given me the clarity to concentrate on more of what I should and less of what I do not. I know what I should be doing for myself now for at least the immediate future and I know how this will benefit me and those around me. Blessed is your gift.
    Much love to you

  • Hi Shane

    I just wanted to send you a sincere thanks for a reading you did for a beautiful soul and great friend of mine. You addressed every question being asked with precision and have not only hopefully given them the strength to do what the heart feels and needs but shone light on the support at hand but also within. I am most looking forward to my reading and I would recommend anyone looking for the piece of confirmation they may need to aid any decision they are wrestling with to have the faith in your work. Much love and peace to you.

    David Haynes

  • I had the good fortune to have won a reading from Basic Energy Readings last week. What I received, was very intriguing and exciting. Everything Shane saw in the Tarot Cards was spot on for me. It actually took my by surprise, how exact were a number of issues I was dwelling on and looking for guidance! She saw things, that I rarely share with others and I am truly thankful that I did win. The timing of winning, and my desire for guidance in my own life was truly astonishing. A blessing I believe. Thank you so much for the opportunity and I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking for a little extra help in their lives to sort out things, whether emotional, physical or spiritual to seek this avenue!! Thanks again, Shane. You are truly a positive person with a sincere desire to help others:)

  • You where right about the heartburn etc , though you remarked on my neck which I thought was not a biggy but surgury revealed nothing in Feb ( stomach ) Now onto pain management for that.
    It was scary for the mention of a guy blue eyes and facial hair( my ex has this to ) hopefully this ones the right one.
    As for the brown hair girl I have been told by 2 others my daughter is expecting or soon to be. lol
    Other than that you all where the same on the rest but you say neck/other stomach ulsurs/ last one lung fix.
    Thanks again,

    PS even doing it though the e-mail I will be confident to do this again ! πŸ™‚

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