I recently received a medium session with Shane and all I can say is WOW! I have waited for YEARS for a certain person to come through. Shane was able to connect this loved (and dearly missed) person. The validation that came through was this person to a T and they were things that I would know. ? Shane made it so easy and comfortable to work through this. Her patience while I took time to think about things was deeply appreciate. There were moments where I had to choke back tears (I happened to be surrounded by people at the time.) At the end of the session my heart was so happy and I was totally blown away by the experience. I was on cloud 9 for days knowing that this loved one was happy and with me when I wished and hoped they were.
Thank you Shane. You are truly a blessing.


These sessions are for confirmation and validation that your loved ones are okay and safe ‘on the other side’ in energy form. I am an evidential medium. I will validate and confirm with your loved one that they are who they say they are. Once you have validated that they are themselves question and answering period may follow.  I receive information a few different ways that follow: I can feel their emotions. I can be shown how they passed, including any pain they may have had, or how/why. I pass along words, names, numbers, images or symbols I am given by them to you. I can also smell information they are giving me to pass along. Any number of ways to pass information, I will. These sessions are to show you that your loved passed one may have left the physical world but are still with you in spirit quite literally.

Mediumship Sessions

These sessions are conducted over Facbook messenger, so at time of purchase please contact me for a time of session. Please have paper and a pen ready during your session!

*** If you would like a session by phone, additional charges apply.