The Couple’s Relationship Session is about couples. Two people, you and him, him and him, and her and her, whatever your situation may be!
In this session I connect to both of you.
Firstly I will see what your energy is holding within the relationship.
Secondly, I will see how BOTH your energies are acting together. What exactly is going on.
Lastly, I will see what is going on with the other 1/2’s energy to come to the final conclusion of how things stand, and where they are possibly going.
I have offered 3 different sessions. #1 is the present energy, yours, the other’s and the energy combined (3 cards). #2 3 month look down the road (6 cards), and finally #3 is a six month peak down the road (9 cards).

Couple’s Relationship Session

All sessions are sent within 24 hrs of payments.